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Ask anyone who travels to quilt retreats to find out if it is worth their time. They will undoubtedly answer with a resounding yes! Whether you want a getaway to work on projects with a specific teacher or you want to tuck yourself in a room with all your goodies around you and quilt your days away, have a look at the options on these pages to see what is available. 

Some places may be located near your home; however, if you want to travel further afield and/or take quilt classes from teachers not normally available in your area, you may find a place of interest on this website.

Make sure the retreat or camp you go to meets your needs! Do you want to spend the entire time quilting… or do you want to take in some sight-seeing or walking as well? Do you want to work on an individual project or are you interested in a collaborated one? Do you want to learn new skills, or improve on the ones you already love? There will be a place that will suit you exactly, simply make sure you pick the one that most interests you!

Also listed are retreats that can be custom-designed for your special group of friends. Make a plan with your favourite quilters, choose a location and start counting down the sleeps until you escape!

I've been to several retreats. No matter the style, the project or the company, I always come back refreshed and inspired. Conversation abounds and work gets accomplished. Ideas are bantered around and new techniques are shared. The energy I bring home gets me through my day until I can take up my quilting again.

Quilt Retreats - It's all in the Details

Most retreats and camps do not include travel expenses. You will likely need to arrange this on your own. Always ask whether you need to bring your sewing machine or whether there are machines available at the facility. In addition, ask for supply lists ahead of time just in case stores and resources aren’t close at hand for vacation shopping. Many retreat locations are in quiet, small towns or in the country. Remember to find out if food and beverages are included and whether you need to bring bedding and towels. Some locations are rustic, but most will have all the little details taken care of so you can focus on your passion.

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Take time to do your research. While links to quilting vacation businesses are offered here, you must make sure the business is offering what you want or need and they are legitimately offering what they are advertising.