Time for a Quilting Vacation?

Is it time for you to escape from day-to-day routine for a quilting vacation and dedicate time toward your passion... quilting? This website is geared to help you find that perfect getaway. Take a look at all your options for quilt retreats, quilt shows, quilting cruises and quilt tours. Find the one that works for you and get going!

A friend and I planned our own quilting vacation and traveled to the Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. Not only was it a great way to unwind and escape day-to-day stress, it was exciting to connect with other like-minded people and study some of the greatest quilts in the world. The football-field-size shopping area did wonders for our inspiration. We viewed all the latest paraphernalia, new fabrics, new techniques and visited with friendly designers and vendors.

No matter what country you live in, if you explore these pages, you will find something to add to your bucket list. Pages and links are updated and added on a regular basis... come back often to see what is new. Once you find that special getaway which allows you to relax, quilt and find inspiration in the best environment suited for you... on the deck of a cruise ship... in a country home... or hand quilting while on safari...  make it your goal. Take time for you!

Of course, the ultimate dream could be to keep time for quilting all to yourself; however, if you want to bring the whole gang with you there a many retreats or other quilting vacations for groups! Often there are places to visit, tour and quilt that include a multitude of other activities for your significant other... even if they don't quilt. Imagine taking a quilting cruise... while you are immersed in a quilt project, your partner can be laying in the sunshine, touring a local harbour city or participating in a favourite hobby. You will be able to quilt in peace!

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This website is designed as a resource. Please understand the links to quilt retreats, quilting cruises, quilt tours and quilt shows are all independent businesses. Booking, payment, changes and complaints are all completed through the businesses directly and not through this website.

Take time to do your research. While links to quilting vacation businesses are offered here, you must make sure the business is offering what you want or need and they are legitimately offering what they are advertising.