Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag quilt patterns make into great quilt gifts for anyone and are designed to be easy-to-assemble and quick-to-make. Nothing says love like a home-made gift. Almost always made from flannel, the ragged edges of the quilt fluff up the more the quilt is washed. Flannel also gets softer the more it is used and washed.

If you are a beginner, rag quilts are a wonderful project to start with. The size of the quilt usually isn't too overwhelming and a nice size to work with on a sewing machine.

If you like to experiment with colour, rag quilts are fun to play with. They can have a colour theme or just have that scrappy look. No matter what you do with colour, the quilt will be enjoyed and loved.

When searching for rag quilt patterns, I tried to choose designers who have put a lot of thought into the design of the quilt itself and also in their packaging, directions and website. Often people who take the time to make their website easy to follow and use will follow through in their other design projects, such as patterns.

There are so many, many good designers out there, but this site can't link to them all. Hopefully by narrowing to these few rag quilt patterns will help with your decision on quilt design and save you time to use for quilting! More designers will be added periodically and possibly replaced with new ones as time goes by.

Below you will find links to various designers who have good quality rag quilt patterns available. While the link may take you to a specific baby quilt, most of these designers have other patterns availble that can be adapted to this purpose as well. Take the time to explore and find the right pattern for your skill level!

Have a look at these patterns...

Backporch Designs has some really wonderful quilt patterns. The one I want to draw your attention to is called Fuzzy Flannel Curves. Once you click the link below, scroll down the page to find this quilt. This rag quilt has a little different twist with its curved seams.
To view patterns at Backporch Designs... click here!

This Crazy Rag Time quilt designed by Sandy Brawner and sold at Country Quilts is fun to make and looks great in any fabric selections or colors.
To view patterns at Country Quilts... click here!

Cozy Quilt Designs designed this Raggy Layers quilt, which starts with 10" flannel squares. It’s fast, fun, and makes a wonderful quilt-as-you-go project with soft and raggy edges. What a great way to use flannel fabrics!
To view patterns at Cozy Quilt Designs... click here!

If you are adventurous and would like to try rag quilting without a pattern, view this website for some simple directions with great photos. Read everything thoroughly before trying, and if you still don't really get it, order a pattern from one of the designers listed above.
To view directions for a simple rag quilt... click here!

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