Beginner Quilting Basics!

If you are ready to try beginner quilting, this is a great place to start. A new endeavour can seem a little daunting at first, but you are entering a world full of down-to-earth people that love what they do and are willing to help you learn the basic skills you need.

On this page you will find a variety of information to educate yourself. Once you learn the basics and practise what you've learned, you can choose the methods and mediums that work best for your style and budget.

From anatomy to techniques, you will find helpful links below. If there is a component that you don't see here, but would like more information about, please go to the contact us page and send in a note.

basic quilt diagram

I have included two diagrams of quilts to the right. This will help beginners become familiar with terminology used in quilting. Terms such as square, block, sashing, border and binding are part of the quilt top. These are pointed out in the top diagram. When assembling the quilt, the quilt top, batting and binding are the layers that qualifies your sewing project to be a quilt!

If you understand some of these terms when you look for directions, you will have a good jump start to becoming a quilter. Don't worry if you don't remember everything at once, with practise and familiarity these terms will become part of your daily vocabulary.

basic quilt layers

The best way to learn is by asking questions and practising! Jump in and start. You will never regret learning how to quilt. Not only will you learn valuable skills, you will likely make new friends along the way. Most importantly, have fun learning a new skill!

Beginner at Sewing?

If you are ready to try quilting, but have not sewn anything before, I recommend checking out a couple of beginner sewing web sites first. The sites I have reviewed are listed below.

You can review basic sewing terms, the tools you will need, kinds of fabrics you might work with, hand-sewing versus machine-sewing, research about machines to buy... the list is endless. Do not overwhelm yourself! Focus on one part of sewing (or quilting) at a time and read evertthing carefully. Try a few things, ask a few questions and try again. Most of all, explore and have fun!

The Sewing Partner
Learn more about quilting and sewing! Check out this wonderful site, which is an information-packed resource for everyone from beginner to expert.

Let's Quilt!

Learn to Quilt
Visit Penny Halgren's web site to learn all about beginner quilting. This site is a combination of online information, as well as well-written instruction books to order from. All of the books are available in an electronic format and will be delivered to you within seconds.

Quilt University
If you need to learn by doing, this is the web site for you to visit! Learn beginner quilting while taking online classes with experienced teachers and with over 120 classes to choose from. Start at the beginning and participate until you are at the level you are happy with. Classes are available from January until October!
Quilt University

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