If you are here, it's time for quilting!

I live for quilting! If anyone wants to capture my interest, just flash a fat quarter of Bali cotton under my nose or mention the word fiber art!

With 20 years of experience behind me, I am now devoting most of my time to my passion. I experiment in my studio every day. I think, work, read and blog about quilting.

Save Valuable Time with this Web Site!

I know how valuable time is... this web site is designed as a time saver. If you need quilting tools, fabric or patterns and are overwhelmed by everything available on the internet, you will find key resources here. If you need a vacation and a cruise or retreat is right up your stash, you will find everything to help you escape.

Every day I will take time to find reliable resources on the internet for you to use. Whether you are a traditionalist or a specialized fiber artist, please look at this site to save time and dedicate it all toward making what you love most!

If you can't find what you need? Using the Contact button on the navigation bar, email me and ask for help. I will do my best to find a realiable resource for you to answer your questions or needs with.

This site is a work in progress. Coming soon will be information on a variety of helpful time-saving quilt resources!

Check back often to save yourself valuable time!